5. AVL Smoke meter equipment

Schermata principale IndiCom
Thanks to the AVL instrumentation we are able to analyse the exhaust gas temperatures and composition and monitor the whole thermodynamic cycle inside the combustion chamber on the basis of the crank angle.
This instrumentation is composed of different modules, some examples are listed here below:
  • IndiModul data acquisition module is able to reveal the parameters and transmit them to the PC through the probes connected to it;

  • IndiCom software is able to elaborate the data received from the IndiModul, create graphics of the recorded data, calculates statistics calculus (average, max, min, standard deviation) prepares tables, do real time comparisons regarding the data in the phase of recording and the ones registered during previous tests.

  • The amplifier MICRO IFEM acquires the signals from the piezoelectric and piezoresistive transducers. The check is directly performed by IndiCom program with no necessity to work directly with the amplifier.

  • The DICOM 4000 tool provides the gas exhaust composition in concentration values in ppm. It records the concentration of the carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen, nitrogen oxide (NOX);

The instrumentation that it is possible to use is composed of:
  • AVL IndiModul with the graphic software IndiCom;

  • AVL MICRO IFEM amplifier;

  • AVL DICOM 4000

  • All sensoristics linked to the tools here above:

  • encoder angle disc included, plug sensor for combustion chamber analysis, pressure probes, temperature probes.