Injection pump test bench

The injection pump test bench (Rina certificate n. 2014BA01205) works with compressed air and respects the ISO 8984-1 and ISO 8984-2 parameters reaching 1400 bar. It comprises of a recovery tank that separates the contaminated liquid from the test solution.

The machine is able to carry out the following tests on the injectors :
  • Nozzle opening pressure;
  • Nozzle (jets shape);
  • Seat tightness;
  • Falling time.
This instrument is equipped by the following sensors:
  • Encoder angle disc included;
  • plug sensor for combustion chamber analysis;
  • pressure probes;
  • temperature probes;
All the tests can be executed in a precise and easy way. It is also possible to print the data in a report form of the results test (as here below).