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Cogeneration & Trigeneration

Cogeneration is the simultaneous and combined production of electricity and heat in a single and integrated system, generated by capturing the excess heat produced by one of the source, otherwise wasted in the environment. Tri-generation permits to capture excess of heat and be transformed into useful cooling, often required in several production processes.

Efficiency and Pros >Production more than doubled compared to traditional methods, reducing carbon emission and not influencing its throughput.

Fuels >
Gaseous or liquid hydrocarbons, particularly methane; the latter is preferred mainly for its modest price and lesser environmental impact.

Fields of application >
Socoges has created an efficient system, designed both for users who need a small amount of Energy, such as manufacturing and food/food processing industries, and for users needing constantly hot or cold water, like swimming-pools, gyms, hotels, beauty farms, shopping malls and hospitals.



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