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Engines, three generations of experience
The Socoges s.r.l activity is focused on the most important component, the engine, and all its possible applications:


combining the most recent technologies with a three generations experienced team in this sector.

The activity began in 1927 in Puglia, precisely Monopoli, when Giovanni Galanto open its first service station with car repair garage in the town and creating in this way its first enterprise based on liquid and solid transports and taxi business dislocated abroad too (Ethiopia, Somalia and Libya).
After 20 years, its son Luigi, diversifies its father’s core activity becoming also a motor vehicles and their spare parts supplier and at the same time working also as rebore shop. From now on, a long period of partnership with Gruppo Fiat starts as concessioner of its cars, tracks, forklifts, industrial automotive engines, gen sets, marine engines, spare parts, etc. .
Already since those years, in addition to the sale of these products, the Luigi Galanto’s entrepreneurial business also included industrial production activities linked to: special instrumentation production for industrial vehicles, generator sets assembly, marine and industrial components and so on.

Socoges s.r.l.
was founded in the 1992 by the 3rd Galanto’s generation thanks to the 60 years long experience in both technical and commercial world.
Modern and innovative, the new generation open its business to the international market too offering a more and more complete and reliable service all around the core element, the “engine”. This purpose is pursuit not only under a commercial side but also for what concerns the components production and service support.
Because of this deep engagement Socoges is now the exclusive dealer of top leading international brands for Italy and other countries, creating, expanding and cultivating strong partnership also 20 years old.
As official distributor, thanks to its widespread  technic and commercial coverage, Socoges activities are directly linked to the sale management, service, technical support, spare parts supplying.
Always aiming to the customer’s satisfaction, Socoges s.r.l. always gives technical supports during every commercial step before and after the sale. Socoges is able to give  technic support and specific or extra consulting to every Customer because of its highly qualified staff and a wide range of certificate services available.

Socoges s.r.l. is certified ISO 9001:2008 in accomplishment of the Quality standards management required.

RINA n. 10789/04/S