Engine Test Bench (DIESEL & GAS)

The APICOM test bench eddy current dynamometer (RINA certificate n. 2015BA01167) is able to analyse the mechanical system conditions of different engine models producing the analysis results required and working later with the acquired variables:
  • Maximum power: 1500 kW;
  • Maximum torque value absorbed;
  • Maximum speed: 5000 rpm;
  • Fuels types: Diesel and Natural gas.
During the test, the parameters that can be checked are:
  • Engine torque;
  • RPM;
  • Mechanical power;
  • Pressures;
  • Temperatures;
  • Fuel consumption (Methane and Gas Oil);
  • Fuel density (calculated);
  • Mechanical efficiency;
  • Exhaust gas flow rate;
  • stoichiometric fuel mixture ratio;
  • Lambda fuel mixture ratio.
Each monitored data is continuously recorded and it is possible to create an Excel file from them. Thanks to the instrumentation this data can be compared to target benchmarks or with the results previously obtained from the same tests done on similar engines. With reading all the cylinder operating temperatures it is also possible to control, if the combustion in each of them is good.